With Allygram we have created an app for sending messages that can only be read in the future. These messages can contain texts, pictures and videos, and you can decide when the message will be available and who can read it.

We make sure no one can read the message before the expiration date you specify, not even yourself. Until then, all recipients will see a countdown of how many months, days, hours, minutes and seconds they will have to wait for the message. You can design the countdown the way you like and include a short description and even a background picture.

You can send messages directly through the app or by email. In that case, the recipient will receive a link to the message and can access it through our website.

Some ideas for sending Future Notes with Allygram:

Send a message to yourself:
Have you ever made resolutions and promises for the New Year, or for your birthday? Then you can write down these plans, or make a short video and a year later see what you really have achieved. Did you succeed or aim too high?

Would you like to keep special memories in mind – a vacation, a great birthday party, a very special moment? Then send a message into the future and bring those beautiful memories back to life. Remember the joy that you felt then.

Are you going through difficult times, have you just suffered a fatal blow, lost an important person, and don’t know how to go on? Then send a message to the future and later you will see that time can heal wounds.

Are you totally convinced of something, do you sometimes see things differently to other people? Then send yourself a message and check if you were really right. Perhaps it encourages you for going your own way in the future, do the things that feel right to you and follow your instincts, against all odds. Or maybe you realize that you tend to get on the wrong track sometimes – then you can learn to be more tolerant and tackle things differently. Be a mirror for yourself.

Messages to friends and your family

Send birthday greetings, a personal anniversary message, or other important messages to your friends, acquaintances, or someone you care about. You can do it immediately – the recipient won’t be able to read the message on that day, but he can look forward to reading it in the future.

Recall the memory of a beautiful experience you have shared with someone. You can immediately capture it on photo and video and send a message into the future to everyone who’s been there with you. Thus, shared moments can be revived in the future.

Did you make a promise to someone, or did you make plans together? Then capture the moment and send a message to the future. By hindsight, you can will know what exactly has been said, and if it really worked out that way.

Did you have a fight with a person who is important to you? Have you behaved badly and would like to apologize? Sometimes it takes time for other people to accept an apology. Send a message into the future to that person, say that you are sorry and you will do better. When your counterpart reads the message some time later, he or she may be able to accept your excuse… and maybe see that you really have changed.

Do you want to leave a note to your descendants, family or friends? Then do it right now, make a video, some photos, tell them what you would like to say. It doesn’t have to be your last will, a sincere message will also do.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could send some impressions to your children from the times when they were young? Take some photos and videos and send them a in message for their 18th birthday. Give them back some memories of their past!

Wanna bet with other people? Then send a message to the future to each other. Who will be the next world champion … who will win the next elections … will it be snowing next Christmas … place your bet and see who wins!

There are many prospects for a Future Note. Get inspired and be part of it!