User Manual


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User Manual


1. Send Message

Share the current message with another user, or send it by email.

2. Create new Message

Create a new message

3. Message Title

displays the message title

4. End date

shows you when the message can be viewed.

5. Countdown / Edit Message / View Message

Here you can see a countdown untilthe message can be viewed. Selectto edit or view themessage. If a message has already been completed, further processing is no longer possible. It is not possible to display the message until the countdown has been completed.

6. Countdown-Ring

The countdown ring indicates how much time has elapsed since the message was created. When the ring is closed, the message can be viewed.

7. Creation Date

Shows the creation date of the message. If you have received this message from another user, the username is also displayed and you can select this line to view the sender’s user photo.

8. Short Description

  A brief message description. The short description will be visible even if the countdown is not finished yet.

9. List

Shows a list of all own and received messages.

10. Lock / Delete

As long as the countdown hasn’t finished, the lock indicator will be displayed. The message can not be viewed or edited, but you can still delete it. At the end of the countdown, the delete icon will be displayed, allowing you to delete the message.

11. Settings

Shows general information, as well as system- and user settings

New Message / Edit Message

1. Save Message

Save current message. This button is only visible if you have entered a title and the expiration date.

2. Cancel

Discard all changes and return to the details screen.

3. Title

Here you should enter a title for your message. A maximum of 20 characters is allowed.

4. Short Description

Here you can enter a description of your message. A maximum of 100 characters is allowed. The short description will be displayed even if the countdown for the message is not yet finished.

5. End date

Select the end date of the countdownfor your message. Only from this date can the message be displayed.

6. Time

Select the end timeof the countdownfor your message.

7. Background Image

Here you can choose your own wallpaper for your message. If you have not selected an image, a default image will be used. The wallpaperimage is displayed even if the countdown for the message isnot yet finished.

8. Counter

Here you can set how the countdown for your message should be displayed. If you choose Auto, the display will be automatic, but you can also decide for yourself which date elements should be displayed (yearsmonthsdayshoursminutesand seconds).

9. Message Size

This shows the size of the contents of your message in MB. If you want to send a messageto other people, the maximum size is 5 MB. Larger messages can only be viewed locally on your device.

10. Add Content

Here you can add contents to your message. You can add as many contents as you like(texts, photos and videos), just  note the maximum message size! Adding content is not possible until you have entered a title and expiration date and save the message. Once you have finished editing themessage, itscontents can not be displayed until the countdown has finished.

11. View / Edit Content

Here you can view and edit the contents of your message. Click on a content to view the details.

12. Editing completed

Selectthis button when you’re finished withediting your message. After that, the message can not be edited orviewed again until the countdown has ended. This button will only be visible if you have already added some content to your message.

After you have finished editing, you will be ableyou send the message to other persons via the “Send” button in the upper left corner of the detail view.

13. Delete Message

Use this button to delete your message.

Settings / Info

1. Save Settings

Use this button to save the current settings.

2. Username (Nick)

Your username (nick) will be displayed here, which you must enter before sending your first message. The button left to your username allows you to delete your user account. Then, all sent messages will also be deleted from our servers.

3. User Photo (Avatar)

Here you can set your user photo. This photo will be displayed on all sent messages as well as in the user list.

4. Wallpaper

Choose your own wallpaper for the app. If you don’t, a default image will be used.

5. Sent / Available Messages

Here you get an overview of your sent messages and the used storage space, as well as information on how many messages you can currently send. Each message sent is counted only once, regardless of how many people you have sent it. If you don’t have enough message space left, you have three options for sending more messages:

  • Get a premium plan: we offer you attractive premium plans for sending a large number of messages. Take a look at these offers through the “Premium” button.
  • Watch a short promotional video to be able to send more messages. This option is automatically suggested when when your quota is used up.
  • Just wait for a little while until you get new message quotas for free.

Please note, however, that the size of a message must not exceed 5 MB. Extended offers are in preparation.

6. Info

Here you can view the terms of use, as well as some infos about our privacy policy and this quick guide.

7. Premium

Select this menu item to view our premium plans.


1. Message Quota

Here you will get some information about your current message quota.

2. Premium Plans

Choose a Premium Plan if you need additional storage or message quota to send your message. Alternatively, watch a short promotional video, or wait for automatic provision of additional quota.

3. Watch Promotion Video

Watch a short promotional video to purchase additional message quota.

4. Free Message Quota

Here you can see how many minutes you will have to wait to get a new free message. A maximum of 5 free messages and 5 MB of storage space can be provided. If you do not want to wait that long, you can watch a short promotional video or choose a premium plan.

5. Cancel

With this button you can close the popup window.